Monday, September 13, 2010

bunny mansion

at long last, this past weekend, the bunny mansion was complete. a good 3 meters (in length) of space for frisky bunnies. and bunnies are protected from mean and marauding foxes and cats and such. it has yet to be painted (with bunny-safe paint, of course), but that will have to wait for a slightly drier day.

solskin subjects the door to the bunny gnaw test. i suppose eventually, they'll just eat their way out of it.

samba and solskin (that's their names this week) wholeheartedly approve of their new digs.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I think I'd dig it too if I were a bunny. Yay!
Will they be indoors / in a people mansion during the winter or can they live in there?

Lynne said...

hey! it may be a bunny mansion, but it is also a chicken tractor!! I've been asking Greg to make one for years

sabin said...

we're actually a little afraid that the bunnies will be a little too accessible to foxes and such, so we don't even really leave them out in it unattended. they'll be in the people house (definitely not a mansion) this winter.

and lynne, yes, i want a chicken one too, this one was practice!!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

My sister and I had a similar bunny mansion only not as long but higher / taller so she could stand up inside. They'd stay indoors in a warm room in a barn during the winter though because it gets extremely cold in the north of Sweden. But - a fox (?) managed to open the door to the outdoor mansion even though it was right outside the people's house :'(